Saturday, May 2, 2009

Who's Who?

Pastor Tim Howard
May 2, 2009

My first job after graduating from high school was working at an Exxon Service Station in Vancouver, British Columbia. Those were the days when they actually gave you service and there was no such thing as a Self Serve gas station! I had been working with my dad since the 8th grade but this new job was outside the family and I was a bit fearful to say the least.

In today’s economy it’s not uncommon to find people experiencing fear because they are unemployed. They find themselves sending dozens of resumes to various companies in hopes of landing a job. In conversations with many of these people I’ve discovered that most of them hate the process because it is filled with rejection. The ‘No’s’ far outnumber the one ‘Yes’ they are wanting to hear.

As a graduate, I didn’t have to face this rejection nor did I have to fill out a resume in order to find employment. The reason was simple, I knew the owner of the business and he knew me. I learned a very important lesson back then and it has stuck with me for years. The truth and reality is this: It’s not what you know but whom you know that matters the most.

The Bible tells us if we know God and are in a developing relationship with Him, open doors will come our way because He is making things work together for our good. The very fact that you know Him and are known by Him is a master key to your future. Blessings are not entirely based upon your performance, abilities or intellect but on the basis of your relationship with Him. Some people believe in “Deism.” It is a belief in the existence of a supreme being, specifically of a creator who does not intervene in the universe. A casual look at the Bible, however, reveals this to be false. God is continually working on behalf of those who love and know Him. Jesus even came to earth to stand along side you and me to reveal Himself as God. It is a comforting fact to understand that Jesus, the God of the universe knows you and me intimately and wants us to know Him.

It’s not what you know but whom you know that matters most. Do you know Jesus? Possibly you know about Him but don’t really know Him in the deepest sense of the word. In today’s Pop Culture, it’s easy to be misled regarding His true identity because so many opinions have proliferated the 2000’s. Just turn on the television, go to the movies, study various books or visit the Arts and you will agree; differing opinions of Jesus are everywhere and it’s reasonable to say people are confused about the real Christ.

While gifts, talents, skills and abilities play a significant part in any person’s success, the most important thing is to know the real Jesus. If I’ve been fruitful or successful in any of my ways, it’s not because of what I know or talents I possess. It’s because I personally know Him. He is the most important person you will ever meet. God tells us in the Bible: “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.” You may want to start your search by checking out one of the many church gatherings this weekend in Kings County. The Pastors can help you discover the real Jesus.