Friday, July 16, 2010

Who are You Becoming?

by Andrew Crowmell

Life has a way of lulling us to sleep if we are not careful. Oh, we may not be completely unaware of the things going on around us, but we are such creatures of habit that we can easily find ourselves stuck in a routine. Our routines are so dear to us that many times we will do all we can to preserve them without considering whether they are even worth preserving.

As humans, we take comfort in our routines. We find they give us stability in a world that is constantly changing. They are one piece of our lives where we are able to exercise some measure of control when so much feels out of control.

The problem is that routines reinforce behavior and solidify character. This fact can work for us or against us depending on our routine (because not all routines are bad). For example, if part of your daily routine is to take time to talk with your spouse in a way that connects with her heart, that habit that you are forming is going to cause you to feel out of sync if you don't have that conversation. It is also going to build in you patience and a sensitivity to her needs.

On the other hand, if your routine is to always nitpick or get into an argument with your coworkers or simply be unhappy with whatever is going on in your life, then you are creating a habit that is little by little making you into a person who is a bitter nag who no one wants to be around.

I don't know what your routines are, but I do know that your routines are making you into a certain kind of person. The question that we must ask is, are you becoming the person who God wants you to be? Are your habits taking you closer to or farther away from the Father?

We are spiritual creatures. God has made us that way. Everything we do has a spiritual component, whether we like it our not. Every action, every decision and every thought forms our soul just a little bit. This process is so gradual it often goes unnoticed. But little by little we are becoming more and more of the kind of person we are creating ourselves to be.

So today, take a moment and look at your habits. Ask yourself if you keep doing the things you are doing in your life, where are you going to end up? Are you headed towards being a kinder, more loving, more joyful person? Or are you headed in a different direction? Are you cooperating with Father God and allowing Him to work within you, or are you ignoring His still, small Voice and sleeping right through the lessons He wants to teach you?

This weekend the pastors of Kings County would love to help you get some good habits started. Why don’t you get your family together and take them to church! You might just set yourself on a path towards a wonderful future!

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