Saturday, December 22, 2012


by Andrew Cromwell

A lot of life involves waiting. We wait in the check-out line at the grocery store, on the phone in the hopes of reaching a live person, in rush-hour traffic, at the post office and at the doctor’s office. We wait in the morning to start work and then we wait for the work day to end so we can go home. When we first get pregnant, we wait for that little baby to be delivered into our hands for what seems like forever, and then we wait for them to move out of the house for what seems like an eternity. Many of us are still waiting for our ship to come in. So much waiting.

During this season, we wait for Christmas to arrive. For our children, this waiting is laden with great anticipation of the great gifts that they hope to receive. For many adults, this waiting is full of dread lest the gifts do not live up to the expectation.

When it comes to Christmas, we often forget that there was a day when Christmas did not exist. And I’m not just referring to the holiday celebration, but the event that gave us the reason to celebrate in the first place — the birth of Jesus Christ. For all of human history, there was no Christmas celebration for that baby born in a manger had not yet arrived.

For those of us on this side of history, the event now is taken as fact. Even if you don’t believe Jesus is God in the flesh come to make it possible for man to reconnect with the Father, only a very few have the audacity to disbelieve His existence.

But those on the other side of history, did not have the luxury of choosing whether they believed Jesus as God or a mythic man-figure. And without Christ, there was no easy way to connect with our Father in Heaven. And so they waited. The Scripture says that all creation groaned in eager expectation of the arrival of One who would make a way.

Colossians 1:26-27 says that in Christ, the great mystery of the ages has been revealed to us! And this mystery is not only the person of Jesus Christ, but the possibility of Christ’s life living inside of us and making us into people who know the Father and want to do His will.

For some, this remains a mystery even to this day and they continue to wait, for they do not yet know His reality inside of them. But for all those who invite Jesus to change their heart and lead their life, there is a new day that dawns and the waiting is over.

Waiting for Christmas takes on a whole new meaning when we remember that the reasons the angels sang loudly in the sky over Bethlehem is now present among us and Christmas is more than just a holiday, but a reality every day.  

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