Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Christmas Prayer

by Andrew Cromwell

Christmas is here and gone before you can blink. And as soon as this one is over, the countdown for next year’s December 25th is on. The date doesn’t ever change and except for an occasional leap year, it is an easy 365 day count from one to the next. We never should be surprised by Christmas.

For even if somehow we miss it on our calendars, there is no way we can miss the onslaught of Christmas music, decor and sweaters.  And if that fails to rouse the most oblivious among us, the fail-safe will surely be the never ending stream of advertising aimed squarely at convincing us of the need for this year’s new-fangled model of whatever.

The Christmas season, at its worst, is an over-commercialized holiday ripe with guilt, greed and sugary poison. And for all those grinches out there who can see nothing else, we all collectively can say “I’m sorry” for ever allowing it to become such a thing.

But at its best, Christmas is alive with hope, love and joy. It is an echo of the love our Great Father has for all of His children—the short ones, the tall ones, the skinny ones and the fat not so skinny ones. As we gather together with family and friends and give gifts to one another, we reflect, whether we realize it or not, the Father’s heart to give gifts to His kids and His desire to pull into the circle all those who are distant.

My prayer for you and your family this Christmas season is that you would not miss the miracle in the midst of the mess of Christmas.

Don’t miss it in the people pushing and shoving at the stores,
Don’t miss it as the advertising gets shoved through your doors.
Don’t miss it in the rush to get it all done,
Don’t miss it as your fingers fly to finish that cake made with rum.

It’s so easy to miss when God is at work,
because so often we’re too busy doing the Christmas-twerk.
Our homes are filled to the brim and decorated tip top,
but often we’ve forgotten to leave room for Pop.

God’s gifts often come in packages so small,
that we tend to forget they are there at all.
A kind word, a smile, and a hug filled with love,
These are little treasures He’s sent from above.

During this season filled with laughter and cheer,
let’s don’t forget that He has drawn near.
He sent us a child who became a man,
And gave Himself according to God’s plan.

God became flesh and moved into town,
a Divine visitation, a Child with a crown.
And to Himself He gathered all who had gone astray,
this little Child named Jesus, born in the hay.

Merry Christmas!

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