Saturday, September 10, 2011

Taking Care of the Environment

by Tim Howard

I‘ve followed several great men and women over my years and have been helped greatly by them in the process of maturity. They led in such a way as to elicit from me loyalty, faithfulness, a willingness to sacrifice and a strong desire to follow them.

How do you develop a team that people want to play on? A better way of putting it might be to reword the question. How do you become a leader people want to follow?

One key word is “Environment.” We all create a certain environment, atmosphere or aura if you will, that other people can see, sense and react to. How many of you find yourself rejoicing when a certain co-worker calls the office to say they won’t be in on a specific day? Be honest!  You rejoice when they are not present because they create an environment that’s not very pleasant. The opposite is true also. We miss someone because they create an atmosphere that is enjoyable.

A sign I recently read said: “All people bring me joy, some when they come and others when they leave.” That sums it up.

A good atmosphere or a good environment keeps the morale high and when the morale is high, people want to follow you. They look forward to playing on the team. Your goal and greatest challenge as a leader is not merely to complete a task but create an environment conducive to growth.
Here’s 4 ways to destroy a good atmosphere on the job, in the home, at the school, in a meeting and a myriad of other places.
1.               COMPARE people with others rather than ACCEPT them on their own merits. When you do, an environment of favoritism flourishes.  Jacob did this in Genesis Chapter 37. He loved one son more than the others and the family hated the climate this created. Whenever you compare people, you value one above the other.
2.              The environment drastically changes when you CRITICIZE people more than COMPLEMENT them. How many of you would admit: When the boss asks you to step into his office, the first thing to go through your mind is this question: “What Did I Do Wrong?” Focusing on the good and giving some praise now and then can build the morale and create a positive attitude.       
3.              TALK TO people and not COMMUNICATE WITH them. You will see how quickly things deteriorate. You can talk AT people, TO people or WITH people and it’s best to talk with them.                                                                                                                                                                   
4.              COMPLAIN about everything but don’t CHANGE anything. People don’t want to follow a leader who chooses not to deal with the ‘elephant’ in the room.
God’s looking for leaders who will accept others on His terms and not their own. Leaders who will focus on the positive and give praise regularly rather than criticize continually. Ones who communicate with people and love people enough to correct a wrong.
Why not check out one of the many church families in Kings County this weekend. You just might find an environment you can enjoy.

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