Saturday, September 12, 2015

Is Your Hearing Aid On?

by Tim Howard

I met a man who wore two hearing aids. We became close friends and he disclosed to me his ongoing struggle with an audiological condition that prohibited him from hearing sounds clearly.

With the help of technology and a sophisticated hearing aid – he was able to hear sounds again, which enabled him to communicate on a different level.

One day we went out to lunch and as we were waiting for the food he was talking on the phone. After he hung up I asked him a question and noticed he didn’t respond. I spoke again with the same result. I then proceeded to reach out to touch him – in the same way someone would lightly honk a car horn to inform the person in front of him or her that the light was green.

When he felt my touch, he reached up to his ears – touched something  - and then said: “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I was just talking to my wife and she went on for so long – I turned my hearing aid off – and forgot to turn it back on.”

I discovered he had a sense of humor that day?

At times we all have moments when we aren’t listening. We may hear but aren’t necessarily paying attention. We don’t practice active listening – we choose turn our hearing aid off.

Francis A Schaeffer wrote a book titled “He Is There And He Is Not Silent”. 

God isn’t silent and He really wants to talk with you! His preference is to talk ‘with’ you and not ‘at’ you or ‘to’ you because He’s genuinely interested in your feelings, your thoughts, your concerns and your words. When you speak – He listens! When He speaks, He wants us to listen!

While watching a newscast recently of a returning military man from a long-term deployment – one of his children jumped for joy when she heard his voice – even before she set eyes upon him.

When you walk with God on a consistent basis you become acquainted with the sound of His voice and when you hear it – life happens – just like that little girl.

Jesus said: Matt. 4:4 … “It is written, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” He also said on several occasions: “If you have ears - then hear!”

Having ears that actually hear and listen to God’s voice is crucial – if we want to experience true life.

God has given you His ‘Word’ as an aid to help you hear. When you read it and study it – you turn on your hearing aid.

He has also invited you to join with a church family of your choice each week as an aid to help you hear. When you set aside some time to meet with others – you turn your hearing aid on.

My mother use to say: “ I’m not talking to hear myself talk!” And neither is God. He wants you to turn on your hearing aid.

He has some great things to share with you. He wants to tell you how to face the challenges confronting you. He wants to tell you how to dispel the confusion you are currently experiencing. He wants to tell you where to find life and purpose. He is speaking good news!

When you speak to God – He listens!

When He speaks to you – do you listen?

What is He saying to you?

Is your hearing aid on?

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