Saturday, October 1, 2016

Show Me The Way!

 by Tim Howard

This weekend we are hosting an Emerging Leadership Seminar to discuss the importance of Leadership.

Good leaders tell lost people where to go.
Great leaders show lost people where to go.

Have you ever been en route to a specific destination only to discover you were lost?  Not only lost but late as well?

You can almost feel your blood pressure rising as your emotions begin to fluctuate and your intellect reminds you this is an extremely important appointment so being late is not a positive option.

One time a Pastor friend of mine named Ron lost his way as he was trying to find a small country church where he had been invited to speak.

He left the hotel room with plenty of time to spare but ended up lost anyway. Even though it was humbling for him to admit he needed some help, he decided to stop at the first country store – to ask directions.

A man named Karl; the proprietor of Karl’s Feed & Fuel gave him these directions: “First you take Rural Route 18 -- that’s this road here -- go south to the big red barn with black trim. Black trim and not white! The white-trimmed house is the old Wilkerson place and you don’t want to go that way, trust me”. Ron nodded to acknowledge he was listening. “Anyway” Karl went on, “after you get to the barn, head due east on Brier road until you hit Clear Creek, which you follow North -- maybe two, three miles till you get to the big aluminum grain silo. That’s Earl Simmons’ place. Turn north – follow that a mile or so -- winds around a good bit -- and then turn left where you see the big herd of Guernsey cows”…

To Ron’s surprise after being totally confused by the litany of directions, a man interrupted the conversation and said: “Pardon me, my name is Lyle. Didn’t mean to listen in, but I happen to be going that way and if you want to get into your car and follow me – I will show you the way.

When you lose your way in life – and we all do at times – It’s wonderful to have someone show you the way!

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus told those who were lost and needed direction for their lives to follow Him. He didn’t just tell them where to go and what to do, He actually led them and showed them the way.

That type of leadership simplifies everything. All we need to do is follow:

I’ve been following Jesus for over 5 decades and I’ve discovered over and over again that I will arrive at the appropriate destination and at the appropriate time if I simply walk in His shadow. Why? Because He knows the way!

Believe it or not, God has already been in your and my future. Psalms 139 makes it clear that He “goes before us.” He charts a path for us – He knows where we should stop, when we need to rest and the best route for the journey.

Don’t settle for only acquiring knowledge and information about God when you have the privilege of really getting to know Him personally.

If you are ever lost and need directions He will show you the way!

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