Saturday, October 22, 2016

What’s Your Question?

by Tim Howard

When it comes to God – I have more questions than I do answers! Maybe you can identify with that as well.

According to some studies revolving around Jesus – we are told that He asked people over 300 questions, which are recorded in the New Testament. By contrast we are told that people only asked Him approximately 180 questions – also noted in the Bible.

Two published studies state that Jesus directly answered fewer than 10 of the 180 asked – which is interesting!

Could it be that many answers defy logic and wouldn’t be received if an answer were given? Possibly the difficulty is in trying to convey spiritual truth with human terminology, which depends to a greater degree upon revelation than education! Someone said: “God’s truth is better ‘caught’ than ‘taught!”

Or – Maybe there are many truth’s that need to be embraced by faith! Without faith you can’t please God and without faith you will not be able to find resolution to the myriad of questions you may ask.

The ‘why’ questions seem to be the most difficult to answer! Recently while dealing with a tragedy that happened to a personal friend – The question of WHY was voiced. Why did this happen? Why now? Why me? Why didn’t God stop this from taking place? Those are tough questions and I often find myself at a loss – looking for a good answer.

In my relationship with Jesus I too have asked – Why do You love me? Why are You so patient with me when I am so rebellious? Why do You remain faithful when I have been faithless? Why do You allow me the privilege of working with You to help people when I need so much help myself? You talk about being fair… that’s unfair… Jesus gives so much and I give so little!

The ‘what’ questions are difficult as well but at least there seems to be more resources to draw from and answers to be discovered. What do I do now since this has happened? What is the next step I must take? What books can I read to help me find direction? What people should I contact? What Church can I visit or attend? With some thought – some investigation – some time spent in study and seeking Jesus – God will reveal the path you should take – He will tell you what can be done.

The Word of God is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path according to Psalms. If you have a ‘what’ question – don’t forget to consult the Bible.

The ‘how’ questions are the practical ones! How do we approach this? How often should we do that? How in the world will this happen?

When God told Abraham that his wife would give birth to a son – He responded by asking – How shall this take place since I am 100 years old and Sarah, my wife is 90 years of age? Well it did happen and that’s history…

Bottom line:  WE ALL HAVE QUESTIONS! Why, What, Who, When, Where, How…  Some can be answered if we do our due diligence.

Others – if they are to be answered will need to be caught rather than taught and many answers will require faith. Some people put their faith in God and those who do – don’t need all the answers to their questions. 

Why? Because God knows all things – He cares for us – He wants us to succeed – He’s on our side and He will reveal whatever we need to know – when we need to know it.

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